PolyEster is a pretty girl. Tater loves Kevin and Cheryl Ajax was one of Millie's fuzzy babies. Jade is one good looking fert! Chloe, another Walker baby.
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Have a question about YOUR ferret, call the FLC.  They are not veterinarians, but they will try to help or refer you to someone who can.
For emergencies, call your vet or an emergency clinic.




To submit a memorial, please send your tribute to: christinna@txferretrescue.org.

Please provide the following information: name of ferret, your name, date passed, description, a short comment, and a photo (optional).


Loved by: Jack Kiefling and Valerie Koerner
Date Passed: May 26, 2011
In dedication to our dear, late ferret, Templeton, on behalf of myself and my boyfriend, who had owned her before I ever met him. This little bundle of joy was only 3 years old when she left us, which was far too early in her sweet, rambunctious life. What began as dehydration quickly turned to Aleutians Disease - she was utterly loved and cared for until her very last breath, and we were absolutely distraught upon her passing. However, after a few days of grieving, we've come to terms with the cycle of life and now like to imagine her in her own little ferret heaven, filled with all of the plastic tubes, shoe soles, and silicon phone cases she could ever wish for. She was the sassiest and most inquisitive animal we've ever interacted with - her energy was boundless. And anytime she was in trouble or had something she had stolen taken away from her, she would scamper off to her hammock and pout. I could hardly believe such a small, runt of an animal could be so highly intelligent, but she always shocked and awed me. My favorite vision of her was how alert she always was - she could be sound asleep, snoozing away under her brother, Milton, and with one faint whistle, she would pop her head up like a spring to see what the commotion was. There was never a dull moment with her and I will forever be grateful for having her as my first pet ferret. She's introduced me to a wonderful species of special animals and I couldn't have been prouder of her. We miss you so much and love you so dearly, Templeton.
Rest In Peace, baby girl.
Val and Jack



So small and cute with your little pink feet.
You were our little dook machine.
We miss you Charlie, you left us way to early.
You were only 8 months old, when the good Lord took you.
We will always love you and think about you always.
Taking a nap will never be the same without you.
We will meet you again in heaven.
Be good our little man.

Rest in Peace
March 11th 2011

Your Mommy and Daddy
(aka Jackie and Lane)


Passed on: February 9, 2010
Submitted by: Daniel

My little dearest Minky was a joy of my life and I will always remember
her. She lived passed 7 years despite her Insulinoma, she was brave and
courageous, she survived some rough times being ill, and I hope she lived long
and comfortable life. I hope I'll meet you Minky one day over the Rainbow


Morgana was abandoned at a local veterinary clinic.  Our son who worked at the clinic was told that he could have her.  She looked like a little rat and I didn’t want her in the house.  So he built her a cage and she stayed out in the garage.  That lasted for about 2 days before she stole our hearts and we let her in our house and into our hearts.  In fact, she had the run of the house, our 2 Basset Hounds, and us.  Morgana was fearless, she stole dog toys, glasses, keys, you put it down and it was gone.  She also liked to climb in drawers, cabinets, counters and furniture so nothing was safe anywhere.  We bought her a bigger cage and adopted two male ferrets named Merlin and Sir Lancelot for playmates.  She loved to wrestle with the two boys even though they were twice her size.  She out lived them so we adopted more ferrets for her to have company. Morgana was with us for over six years and became arthritic in her hind legs but she kept on going.  Last month, she was having more and more difficulty but she didn’t want to stop. Finally, last night she had to be put to sleep, her heart didn’t want to stop but her little body had had enough. She was put to rest along side of Lancelot and Merlin where they were waiting for her over the Rainbow Bridge to take her to a new and magical world.  Bye my little sweetie, you will be missed.

Love, Mom and Dad, Callie, Lucy, Zoë, Ginny, Zeva, and Abby


submitted by: Patrice on 4-30-09

Ross was a fantastic ferret. He has always been the calm alpha male of the entire group. He liked to sleep by alone unless one of his family was not feeling well. Then he would cuddle up with the ferret that was ill until they felt better. No one messed with the Patriarch, the loved him and respected him dearly.

Yesterday I saw him stop and lay down for a second on his way to somewhere and I said to myself. Yep, Ross is an old guy now, I checked him out, he was good and he went on his way to sleep. This morning I found him dead. I checked his foster card. He was 8 1/2 years old and has spent the last 2 1/2 years with me as a permanent foster. I loved him dearly and he will be missed.


Dec 2004 - Aug 4, 2007 

He was one super, awesome ferret.  I miss him terribly.  He loved his stuffed animals.  He'd hide them in corners, in hammocks and under blankets.  He'd get so mad at me when I'd clean his room, picking them all up and putting them in the toy box.  He'd go and get each one of them and put them back where he wanted them.  He was a deaf, black sable with a blaze when I got him as a baby but his last coat change came back silver.  He was a very handsome fella.



Jan 2005 - Dec 13, 2007

Chenille was super special.  She loved her humans, especially her little girl Zoe.  She'd climb up the tunnel to the top of Zoe's loft bed to sleep, curled up in the blankets next to her.  Chenille's favorite game was chase and her favorite toy was a squeaky ball.  She hated other ferrets so she got to live the good life, uncaged most of the time.  She was our "house ferret" and there will never be another like her.  We miss you!    ~Christinna


Oct 2004 - Apr 8, 2008

Silk, my first ferret.  The little boy that started all this madness.   He was a giver of kisses, a momma stalker, a dancer and a prancer, and an all around good boy.  He loved everyone and every thing.  He always accepted other ferrets and showed them around.  My heart is breaking cause I've lost my little Silk.  I guess that makes him a "heartbreaker" too.  Silk came to me through my husbands niece.  He was very sick and had severe ear mites and she couldn't afford to take him to the vet.  He came home with us and stole our hearts.  Eight months and 3 vets later, we still couldn't figure out what was wrong with him.  Finally, a friend (not a vet) said his symptoms sounded like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) for ferrets.  I talked to my vet and he agreed we should treat him for it and see how he does (surgery for the test sample was out of the question due to health issues).  Within 2 days, he was a different ferret.  From that point on, he was a happy and mostly healthy.   He was the best ferret ever.   Dook on Silk!  I miss you.                    ~Christinna


Passed on:  May 27, 2008

This is my ferret Cocoa.  She was my little angle.  She wanted me to get her out of her cage everyday.  She liked for me to pet her while she slept.  She had a very special pillow she liked laying on while she laid on my bed as I watched TV.  She always liked for me to hold her  She was always my baby.  We always had fun together.  She loved to play with the TV remote.  She liked other people but not as much as she liked me.  My little angle will never be forgotten.  Everybody loved you Cocoa.  We all miss you. 

Clifford and Robin Mitchell



Passed on: 2/5/08
He was the sweetest ferret.  He always wanted me to get him out of the cage so he could play and run around in the house.  My husband had him trained to ride on the back of his neck and he would stay up there and ride with my husband on his "Big Rig".  We really miss you Rugrat.  You will always be loved and will always be in our hearts.  We will never forget you.  You were always my little "trucker buddy".  He died of a tumor.
Clifford and Robin Mitchell

born 12-21-03 died 4-24-08

Our Sugar was a blessing to us. She was turned in to the rescue by truck driver husband and wife team. Sugar's only friend was a teddy bear.  That is how she got the nick name Sugar Bear (that and her ears reminded us of the bear on the Golden Crisp cereal box).  The truck drivers had two small carriers stuck together one end to sleep and one to poop.  That was her life until she came to live with us.  She had other ferrets to play with, a cat to terrorize (she loved to bite the cat's paw). Sugar was only 4yrs. old when lymphoma took her life.  Sugar went to have adrenal surgery and that was when Dr. D found lymphoma on the spleen and removed the spleen on 1-3-08.  Later, in March, she developed a cough.  The cancer was back.  We didn't lose hope though.  She began 2 types of chemo and was doing GREAT, but unfortunately a blood clot unknown to any of us set in as a side effect from chemo.  The tumor was shrunk to almost nothing but the blood clot did her in.  We rushed her to the vet but she was already dancing over the bridge before we got to there.  One day she was feeling great, the next she was gone. 



 Sugar Cookie and Ginger Snap

Submitted by: Christinna
Passed on: April 25th and 29th, 2007

It's taken me a long time to be able to write this one.  These two girls were so very special to me.  They were left in a carrier on the door step of a veterinarian's office is Frisco.  They managed to survive the night, in spite of wild dogs and coyotes.  Ginger Snap was almost completely naked.  She had just a little fur on the top of her head and on her toes.  She was brave, bold and full of life.  She had to check everything out first to make sure things were safe for her sister.  Sugar Cookie was a sweet, timid dark eyed white.  Beautiful, pristine white.  It took her a few days to warm up to my family.  She didn't want to play at first.  She followed her sister around and let her take all the first steps.  She finally decided everything was ok and started to play.  Once we knew they were both going to be fine and not go into a depression from being abandoned, it was time to find them a permanent home.  This last move proved to be to much.  Not even 2 weeks later, Sugar Cookie's body gave out on her, without any warning.  She was tucked into her bed one night, healthy, loved and with a fully tummy.  She was gone the next morning.  Her sister, Ginger Snap, not being one to be left behind, followed her to the bridge 4 days later.  I miss my little "cookies". 


Memories of Emma (Zen)
Our Little Angel – Gone Too Soon

We lost our precious little Emma on April 21, 2007 to renal kidney failure resulting from diabetes - our hearts are sad and broken .  Emma is too precious to be forgotten.  That’s why I write this in her memory.  Emma (Zen) was adopted from
TxFLR on Jan 17, 2006.  Such a tiny little DEW girl she was, but she soon proved to us, despite her size, just what a punch she did have.  Her favorite thing was shoes.  She stole Millie’s shoe the day we adopted her.  Emma denied taking her shoe.  Upon arriving at her new home, Emma quickly began stealing - shoes that is.  She was strong despite her size dragging her daddy’s big work boot down the hall only to find they were much too big to get under the couch.  She was one determined little girl and never gave up trying.  She did manage to get mom’s bunny slipper under the couch when momma said “no way Emma”.  Emma loved tennis balls too and anything small she could tuck behind her front legs and scoot around the floor.  What a silly little girl she was, but oh how she made us laugh until our sides hurt.  And when she was done scooting, she’d grab it up and carry it away to her hidey hole.  Emma was also quite the little dancer and enjoyed various dance of her choice.  Emma quickly assumed the roll of “All Miss Mighty” of the girls, well, and some of the boys and she made sure they knew it.  Emma would take her stance position, get that look in her eyes, those little front feet going like a bull about to charge and oh yea, the dooking sound going, and just when she was ready to charge – swoosh – mom or dad would be there to sweep her off her tiny little feet and say to her “no you don’t little missy”.  Emma loved to climb on top of her cage and scare mommy to death.  I would call out her name “Emma Zen” and that little head would pop up and she’d look through the window like “oops” and she’d jump into the big basket on top to hide until mom or dad showed up to get her down.  She’d stand up and peak out of the basket at us.  She was so adorable.  Emma new her name and when you’d call her Emma Zen, the look on her face was priceless.  The day after her passing, my son said he looked down at his shoe and saw where Emma had left her mark – he said “mom, I almost cried.  We had Emma for such a short time – only 15-months, but she did not go without leaving her tiny little paw print stamped upon our hearts.  We love and miss you so much sweet Emma!  A piece of our heart belongs to you little doll and until we see you again, keep on dancing baby girl!

Submitted by:  Glenna Walker
Crossed the bridge on:  April 21, 2007


Crossed the bridge on: January, 2007
Submitted by: Chris Grogan

Here is my sweetheart, Schmoo. She came to our house through my niece, and honestly, it was against my better judgment! ;-) I was soon smitten by this happy little creature though, who embodied pure Joy.. And when my niece moved back home, Schmoo stayed with her auntie because I loved her so.

During a very dark time in my life, she was the one thing that could make me hold my stomach, doubling over with laughter..! She loved to play, talk to you, steal goodies, hide, play chase, and spill your drinks. She delighted in new rugs and would slither and roll through them for hours.. She would often slip under the covers at night and slither up alongside you to pop out on your pillow. She absolutely adored dried kiwi and pineapple, so I would buy great big bags of it and might just 'accidentally' leave it open on the floor, she had the best time shopping and sifting through the fruit, to select the perfect piece to stash. One night, I wondered out loud..."Now where did I put that ferret food?", and she bounced down the hall and stood up looking in the space by her cage.. I glanced in, and, you guessed it!  There was her bag of food, just waiting--LOL!

I miss her terribly but in her short time with me she left a forever deep imprint in my heart.  Bye-bye my pookie, we will play together again, I am sure of it.



Crossed the bridge on: August 20, 2006
Submitted by: Sheri Tuggle

On Sunday, in the early afternoon, Lokki finally beat the battle with the adrenal tumor.  He triumphed as he passed over the Bridge and joined his cage mates of the past.  No longer would it hurt him, require him to have shots monthly and implants, force him to have to take nasty medicines, require surgeries that he must recover from.  He battled long and hard, and is now able to do all he once could again.  He's freely dooking and dancing and stealing all the rubber squeaky toys and keeping them in his hammock.  What a blessing this wonderful rescue boy was for me.  So sweet and precious.


Passed on: Dec. 2006
Submitted by: Diana Johnson

Charlie battled IBD, insulinoma and adrenal disease and had to have several teeth removed over the time we were together, but he fought well.  Through meds, treatment and much love he was able to live much longer than probably even our vet would have thought.  Charlie needed constant care for so very long that a bond and love was created that I've not experienced before.  Charlie was a sweet little man.  He would let me hold him when I worried about him most, never protesting my kisses and just needing to hold him close.  Because Charlie only had part of his bottom jaw, his little tongue would always be sticking out of the side of his mouth.  He gave so many wonderful kisses that I miss so very much.   I will forever love my precious Charlie.  I have so many wonderful memories to treasure of a precious little man who brought me much love and joy.  Rest in peace my love, till we are together again.....



Passed on Nov. 27, 2006
Submitted by: Austin Tucker

In loving memory of Ringo, who was a treasure to have in our lives for 4 years we had of him on this earth.  He had many traits to admire, most of all his happy go lucky attitude.  He never fought with anyone when he came into our family and loved everyone around him equally (kiss for all!!)  His sweet face never portrayed anything but love and understanding and his sable/gold winter coat was all the envy of humans and ferrets alike.  Ringo would literally bound through the house to get where he needed to go, his hopping motion made for more laughs and giggles in our house than anything has in a long time.  I will miss his companionship in the early mornings as he would use the cage to stand up to watch me in the kitchen and his mom will miss him for who he was all the time, every time.  We love you so much Ringo, and I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say good-bye at the end; I guess I just didn't want to admit that you were going away permanently.  Be a good boy at the bridge till we can see you again.


Passed on Sep 2, 2006
Submitted by: Angie Smith

Magic was around 7 yrs.

She quit eating and drinking and had bad poop. Cindy try to save her, she gave her amoxy, but it was her time she died peaceful in her sleep. Thank you Cindy & Millie for trying. She will be greatly missed.
With Love to my Magic


Passed on Sep 11, 2006
From: Patrice Daley

Rocket passed away in the wee hours this morning in his sleep.  He just could not be without is beautiful Renetta.  Rocket and Renetta came to me as my first fosters a little over a year ago.  I dont have a recent picture of him because he was too lively to get a good shot.  He loved Renetta so much he came to me as a package deal.  Renetta needed meds twice a day but Rocket was healthy yet could not be separated from his women without severe depression setting in.  They followed each other in life and now in death they are reunited, as I lost Renetta just one week ago.  I guess one week without her was just too much for his broken heart to bare.  Now he is with her in a time and place where they are both young and healthy and able to enjoy each other even more.  Fly Rocket Fly.  You will always be in my heart.  Zorro misses both of you terribly.


Passed on Sep 5, 2006
From: Patrice Daley

Renetta passed away in my arms about an hour ago.  I have spent the last 3 days during her demise holding her and snuggling with her.  She slept in my bed beside me and when her heart stopped I was there.  My kisses on her face was the last thing she she felt.  Renetta and her mate Rocket were the first fosters I took into my home 1 year ago.  I placed Rocket by her side and he said goodbye in his ferret way.  I feel honored to have taken care of this precious, precocious and beautiful tiny ferret in her remaining days.  She got to be spoiled rotten and never spent a day of her last year of life in a cage.  I can now picture her young and romping in fresh grass and trees, the perfect temp for her and the fallen ferrets before her, playing like a new kit.  Play Renetta Play!  You have earned it.  You will forever be in my heart.

May light and love surround and protect you in all your endeavors...


Passed on Oct 30, 2006
From: Steve an Maria

It is with great sadness that our sweet Dee Dee passed from us a few days ago.  She was our own personal rescue from an original owner who purchased her on impulse and then kept her caged outside on a patio.  Dee Dee was very young, just over a year, but juvenile lymphosarcoma brought her down very quickly.  We sent her picture and story to Millie when we first got her and you will see her name and photo posted several times on this website.  In her short time with us she was as playful as could be running from one end of the house to the other and was particularly attached to my wife Maria.  They snuggled with one another often and Dee Dee would follow Maria whenever she was down on the floor.  Dee Dee was only granted a brief life and we are grateful that she shared the last half of it with us.  Goodbye little girl you gave and received love and will be remembered. 

Jordan (JorJor)

passed on Oct 30, 2006
from Teresa Niell
Tiny Black Sable

My little Jor Jor passed away in her sleep today. I had a feeling she didn't have much time left. Last week I noticed she wasn't eating as much as she usually does and she wasn't as active either. I buried her in my garden next to my other fuzzy angels, Smoochy & New Guy. She was very loved in the short time I had her. I will miss all her sweet kisses. Thank you for letting me love & take care of her. My heart is broken but she is at peace.


Satin - Sat Sat, fo fat, fa fee fi fo fat, Sat!

passed on Sep 19, 2006
from Christinna
Big Bellied Black Sable

The day I got Canvas, Satin was there at the rescue.  I only wanted her but as normal, you go for one, and take home two.  He lay on the floor, big belly up, staring at me with those huge black eyes.  He told me that I couldn't leave him.  I picked him up and couldn't let go.  He came home with me that day too.  After that, he would follow me from room to room until he got tired, then he would go lay in front of the stove on the kitchen rug, staring up at the microwave, his source of all that is wonderful.  He would stay there until he got his turkey baby food.  The day I lost Canvas, I did a thorough rub down on all my fuzzies and found the lump that was in Satin's neck.  He was already taking meds for Insulinoma and was beginning to show signs for adrenal.  He left me 3 weeks later.  I miss my little boy.  I loved the way he ran (hopped) down the hall way. 


Canvas - My sweet little Jelly Bean

passed on Aug 29, 2006
from Christinna
Beautiful Dark Eyed White

I saw her little face on Petfinder and for a week I couldn't get her sweet face out of my head.  She was in my thoughts and dreams.  I decided to risk the wrath of my husband and go get her, but she wasn't feeling well so I had to wait another week.  I'll never regret adopting her.  I nearly lost her due to an allergic reaction to the distemper vaccine last year.  She lost her hearing as a result of her high temperature.  Even being deaf, she always knew when I would be in the room.  Her head would pop up from what ever blanket she was sleeping in and she'd crawl into my lap and curl up, expecting to be petted and loved, never wanting to leave.  She was and will always be loved.  She now rests curled up in my heart and no matter what kind of chores I have, she never has to leave.  I will carry her with me every where I go. 


passed on Aug 8, 2006
from Melissa Dunagan

My little boy Minky passed away.  Dr Murray said his heart was bad and he had pneumonia.  Minky was in a lot of pain, so Dr Murray put him to sleep.  I miss him so much.  I loved to watch him play with his ball, he always had a big smile on his face.  He was so gentle when we played together.



passed on Feb 1, 2006
from Patrice Daley

Loving caretaker of everyone.

I rescued Mischief and Zorro from horrifying circumstances. They were kept in a cage with feces all over it, even the bars. The only clean place they had was their hammock and they were never let out of their cage. The smell of ammonia was suffocating. I took the ferrets and left everything of theirs behind and bought everything new. They never had to stay in the cage unless I was cleaning or they wanted to. I can only estimate that he was 7 years old when he started having stomach problems. I had to let him go this year. The light in his eyes was fading and he was tired of fighting. I miss him curled up next to me at night and Zorro will no longer sleep with me without Mischief by his side. Zorro and I are still grieving but we are getting through it together. Mischief had 3 wonderful years before his life ended. I am grateful I found them.


Mary Kate

passed on May 22, 2006
from Angie II, Cindy, and Millie

 This little girl was loved by many people.  She stole the hearts of everyone she met. 

Mary Kate came to our rescue at age 8, hairless, thin as a bat but with a will to live. Dr Murray was the one who named her and got teased. Under our care, she blossomed to a beautiful silky haired doll who was our ambassador at the Balch Springs Library for 2 years. But time took its toll, we had to say goodbye to this gallant lady. Her mind was young but her body just wore out. She touched everyone's heart who met her. Speed on our darling, run with the wind, free of your frail weak body.



3-30-98 to 6-3-06
from Millie Sanders

My baby boy Ajax, a ferret so different I have seen few that resemble him,  the closest is the calendar picture riding the yellow ducky.   I had him since he was 8 weeks old and lost him at 8 years. a character and set in his ways.  The most memorable thing was his always beating up the girl ferrets and he would get put in the bad boy box so much.  When he heard his name, he knew, knew what that meant and would turn and look,  you could tell he was thinking it over, if he could get her before I got him.  Ajax you will always be mine in death as in life, I loved you so.   



passed on Jan 3, 2006
from Angie and Ronny Smith

"We put this ferret thing in a grocery bag and blow it full of pot, just to see what he will do, snicker-snicker", is what was overheard by my husband Ronny at our auto shop, "Hey, I will give you $50 bucks for that ferret", is what Ronny hollered to them. And Rocky lived out the rest of his 4yrs loving on us until a lump on his lip appeared, a malignancy, that took him within 4 months of the diagnosis. Momma loved her Lil Mudd Pie, watch over me daily baby boy. Dook n Dance on Rainbow Bridge babe!



passed on Apr 10, 2006
from Cindy and Christinna

Sid came to the rescue because his owners were expecting a new human baby.  He missed them terribly and never got over them.  We did our best to save him but in the end he was diagnosed with Lymphthoma.  He touched the hearts of all the rescue volunteers.  This is the picture that was taken the day after he was surrendered to the rescue.  He will always be remembered for his love of that silly little reindeer toy of his.  He took it with him everywhere.  We miss you Sid.


passed on Feb 20, 2006
from Christinna

Belle was found by Denton Animal Control on a cold, wet freezing day. They called the rescue for an emergency pick up due to her terrible condition. I rushed her to the vet and then home to start her treatment but it was too late. Belle may not have survived her ordeal, but now she lives on in many hearts.  I gave her love her last few hours of life and will forever carry her memory with me. 

Rocky Hendricks

passed on Dec. 20, 2004
from Michelle Hendricks
Male sable ferret

He was a fun loving ferret that loved everyone. He came into my heart at 3 years old and I fell in love with him in the short time we spent together. I know he watches me everyday and is having fun with all the other ferrets over the rainbow bridge.



passed away on Feb 20, 2006
from Micheal Kelly

We found that our son had a strange love for ferrets. We brought Farrah home with us Dec 02. We grew to love her as one of the family, but that was not enough, so enter Sassy (female Sable) and Stormy (female Sable) Stormy we rescued from a horrible ordeal and she is doing great now. Farrah on the other hand developed a tumor and we tried to make her as comfortble as possible in her last days. Up till now i have suppressed my feeling on her passing and writing this Memorial makes me think of how she touched our lives. She will be missed. We love you Farrah.


passed on March 28, 2006
from Diana
precious sable

I noticed little Ziggy was having problems breathing over the weekend and we went to the vet Monday.  We found out she had cardiomyopathy and through testing found out she had too many things going on in her little body, the vet and I did all we could to help Ziggy, but her little body just couldn't fight the battle.  I chose to end my babies suffering, I could not longer see her suffer.  Through the three day battle Ziggy received much love and the best of care.  She was more content in my loving arms than anywhere else.  My heart is broken, but I know she is at peace and this is what is getting me through.  During the short time she was a part of my life she gave me much joy and happiness.  Never nipped, always gave kisses and loved to snuggle.  My precious baby is at peace.  I love you my sweet angel, Mommy misses you so very much and I will forever love you.

DJ "My Little Angle" 

Passed on May 29, 2006
from Mark Doty

I purchased DJ from Bobcats petstore in Eugene OR, in 2002, Who would know that little fuzzy would steal my heart so rapidly and become a big part of my life and give me so much enjoyment over the years. On May 29th, 2006 I took my little DJ to the vets to find out why he was not eating, and he was diagnosed with cancer, so with a sad and breaking heart I said good bye to my little DJ and asked the vet to relieve him of his pain. The vet brought him to me after his passing and it broke my heart even more seeing my little boy laying there. This is to my little DJ in heaven, Mommy and Daddy loves you always my little prince. Never forget that.

Starlight, starbright, shining down from heaven so bright, please take care of my Little DJ tonight.



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